Consumers today shop without planning and eat without shopping. Understanding today’s shopper is crucial to an effective and successful retail execution strategy. FMI just concluded a study to identify who exactly is today’s grocery shopper. Using FMI’s annual surveys, a mix of qualitative approaches, and online journalism FMI started to crunch the numbers. We found that some of the trends remain  similar to 2014; however, there were a few surprises.


The Key Takeaways Were:

  1.  Consumer loyalty continues to grow by department
  2. Females remain the primary shopper at 57% but male shoppers are increasing
  3. Millennials continue to resort to impulse purchases and spontaneous reliance on recipes
  4. New shared shopper paradigm is evolving inside the household
  5. Almost all adults (92%) agree that eating at home is healthier than eating out


The study gives a high level overview of the industry and charts some of the key changes from 2014 to 2015. Grocery suppliers, retailers, and other CPG manufactures should find the content beneficial. To read to complete study head over to the FMI website


Below is an infographic of the study provided by FMI

FMI trends-2015-infographic-grocery-shopper-types

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