Client Success: Turning Product Voids Into Sales Opportunities

Why are product voids such a big issue in the CPG industry? With a product void, not only is the product out of stock but its facing disappears from the shelf. Then when a field rep checks the shelf during their store visit, unless they have an alert or a validated distribution list and a lot of time they don’t even know that product is missing in distribution because they don’t see a tag to scan. This leaves the product unordered, off the shelf and collecting dust back in the warehouse.

A Solution to Product Voids at Retail

Fortunately, with POS scan data reps receive in-store OSA alerts in their field sales application.  This allows the rep to identify the OSA issue and correct it quickly. Below is a short presentation of how the scan alerts allow the rep to successfully execute at retail.



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Bruce is the founder and CEO of RW3 Technologies. Having spent more than 35 years in the consumer goods and grocer space Bruce has experienced the industry disruption first hand and understands how artificial intelligence, POS data, and mobile technology can transform a good organization into a great one.

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