The 2016 CGA Strategic Conference

If you’re involved in the California Grocery Industry, I’m sure we’ll be seeing you at this year’s 2016 CGA Strategic Conference. For those who have not yet attended, the CGA Strategic Conference brings together grocers and their suppliers from all over California for three thought-provoking days of sessions and networking. We’ll be talking about emerging trends that not only shape the industry today but may significantly redefine the way it works in the future.

This year’s theme is “Reshaping Retail” and reflects the noticeable shift in how food is produced, distributed and purchased. More than 15 speakers will present insights that should drive the industry’s strategy for the future. Speakers include Dave Hirz, President & CEO of Smart & Final; Tammy Brumfield, SVP Retail Marketing Group of The Mars Agency; and Tom Herman Senior Vice President of Northgate Gonzalez Markets. You can see the full list of speakers here and for the full schedule click here.

Competitive Pricing Data & The Marketing Mix 

One underlying theme that always seems to present itself at events like these is how to deliver value to today’s shopper through the overall shopping experience, including pricing. Getting the price right relies heavily on an ecosystem of competitors that surrounds grocers psychically and digitally. Competitive pricing data is the keystone of any structurally sound pricing strategy, making the need for it to be accurate and comprehensive imperative. One of the big changes over the past few years, though, is that companies like RW3 are able to provide accurate, time-stamped competitive pricing data like never before. Almost three years ago we conducted our first competitive price check and garnered around 20,000 SKUs. Since then our database has grown across the country, especially on the west coast. We are now capturing over 250,000 price points monthly in California alone. If you want to learn more about our competitive pricing data and see how our new field validation technology works, make sure you find us at the CGA Strategic Conference. Let’s connect !

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Seth Nagle, Senior Marketing Manager at RW3 Technologies understands the power of innovation but also its limitations. Attending Salve Regina in New England, starting his career in Silicon Valley, and now living in Austin, Texas; Seth provides a unique tech perspective to a complex CPG and Retail Grocery Industry that is in constant disruption.

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