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Three Myths About Retail Execution in an Omnichannel World

These Beliefs Persist, Despite the Data:  Out-of-Stocks Aren’t a Problem Today  For some reason, brands think that out-of-stocks are a problem of the past. Maybe they trust inventory control tech to make sure it never happens. Whatever the reason, out-of-stocks are even a bigger risk in the omnichannel world. With online purchasing, click-and-collect, and delivery companies like Instacart and Shipt, competing with traditional in-store shoppers, there are

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Why Some Grocers Are Implementing Single-Source Retail Service Provider Programs

Why Grocers Are Implementing Single-Source Retail Service Providers Not long ago, retailers relied heavily on a whole ecosystem of CPG category leaders, field teams, third party brokers, and merchandising companies to plan their layouts and execute new planogram sets in a timely manner. However, as retailers started to search for new ways to improve the in-store shopping experience for the

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