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January 2017 Competitive Price Report

January 2017 Competitive Price Report RW3 Competitive Price Report is designed to share data and analysis on prices for select products at a variety of retailers in markets across the country. Each month, the report will present information on popular selling SKUs, a special category focus that reviews both total category assortment and sales items and a section on price

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Private Label Brands Compete Harder than Ever

The rise of the private label brand during the recession is making for stiffer competition for brand name products.. Trends show that while many customers returned to buying their favorite brand names, other shoppers are content with private label and don’t plan on switching back…yet. The increase of private label sales in supermarkets and drug stores is significant- an increase

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How Pricing Defines Your Brands

Whether you’re a baby boomer, generation x or a millennial, there are so many influencers weighing upon a shopper. Pricing is a huge influencer, especially on the millennial shopper ($200 billion + in sales), who is an especially price sensitive, tech-savvy and “smart” shopper. Baby Boomers ($230 billion + in sales), are known to have strong brand loyalty- but will

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Pricing for the New Customer – Competitive Pricing Data

Pricing for the New Customer – Competitive Pricing Data Customers use price comparison websites and apps every day, to compare products and prices across stores and channels, to get the best value. Retail organizations have used similar solutions too, to gather pricing data from competitors and integrate it into their own pricing strategies. Now, technology is allowing retailers the ability

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