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Solving the Three Critical Factors That Cause Out of Stocks

Three Critical Areas to Address Before We Can Close the Gap on Out-of-Stocks Data from the Grocery Manufacturers of American (GMA) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Trading Partner Alliance study shows when it comes to eliminating out-of-stocks (OOS), the industry finds the most discrepancy in defining them, we covered this in last weeks post. If you don’t have time

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Solving The Out-of-Stock Conundrum Across The CPG Industry

Solving The Out-of-Stock Conundrum The great out-of-stock (OOS) conundrum is continuously debated over, and regardless if you’re a retailer, supplier or distributor it’s time for the industry to come together and create a solution. OOS have been hurting the industry for decades and it’s time suppliers and retailers unite and solve this logistical nightmare and restore shopper loyalty. Currently, some reports depict the average

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Five Big Data Shifts For CPG Field Teams in 2017

Five Big Data Shifts For CPG Field Teams in 2017 Everybody’s talking about Big Data. But what does it mean to the CPG Industry? Consider this scenario: In Los Angeles, one of our client’s retail grocer ranks among the top 10 nationally for sales of a particular baby food. But just a few blocks over, at the same grocery chain, that

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RAO: Retail Activity Optimization or a Really Awesome Opportunity

It’s Not Luck! It’s Innovation Executing at retail is paramount to the success of any brand. The more stores a rep can visit and perform daily retail activities the better but with a finite hours in a week a rep needs to know where to go and what do before they start their sales calls each day. A well thought out data strategy can be the

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Is a Retail Execution and Monitoring Solution Right for You?

Is a Retail Execution & Monitoring Solution Right for You? Yes. But before I explain, let me first define what, exactly, a retail execution and monitoring solution is… Retail execution can mean a variety of things depending on your role in the organization, which makes it difficult to understand the full capabilities of a retail execution and monitoring solution. Gartner

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CGT Sales and Marketing Summit Answer Key

The 2016 GT Sales and Marketing Summit is one of our favorite annual events as it brings together some of the most progressive thinkers in the industry. As a sponsor for the CGT summit once again we decided to have a little fun with our advertising. If you have a moment be sure to pick up the June  issue of

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The 13th Annual CGT Sales & Marketing Summit

In just over a month RW3 will be taking a byte of the Big Apple! We are proud to be sponsoring CGT’s 13th annual Consumer Goods Sales & Marketing Summit in New York City. The highly digital world we live in is drastically changing the way brands engage with consumers, and vice versa. Today’s consumer does not shy away from making their

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Data Integrated Retail Audit and CPG Sales Force Apps

In the era of big data, it is essential to utilize the multitude of data sources available to improve your impact at retail. Data can reveal insights such as your retail team’s effectiveness at key accounts or show which accounts need immediate attention but you need the adequate technology to do so. The InStore Execution Suite provides CPG manufacturers with a unique advantage

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What to Expect at Expo West

The fresh and local sector has exploded in growth over the past five year. We can see this in events like Expo West in California which over the last few years have experienced a significant growth spike. The three historical factors of taste, convenience & price are taking a back seat as health & wellness, and transparency of ingredients take the

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Why Today’s Retail Audits Are Broken

Why Today’s Retail Audits Are Broken It all starts with the technology, many CPG teams are using standard data collection applications that work great for short, concise surveys but when it comes to the complex world of CPG retail execution they fall short and to be honest it’s not their fault. There is just too much data, too many accounts, and

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