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Q&A: Understanding the Difference: Scorecards vs. Dashboards

Understanding the Difference: Scorecards vs Dashboards What is the difference between a scorecard and a dashboard? Often times, organizations are utilizing both, but use the terms so interchangeably that it can be difficult to differentiate between the two. In a few short sentences, I’ll quickly explain the difference. What is a Scorecard? A scorecard is a type of report that

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DirectToHispanic Switching to RW3 SmartCall

DirectToHispanic will launch RW3’s SmartCall application and Business Intelligence (BI) Suite. The company’s field reps will utilize the application’s native version on their iPad Minis, taking advantage of the rich capabilities it provides such as an offline call mode, allowing store visits to be conducted in areas with little or no connectivity. DirecToHispanic will utilize the photo gallery, enabling users

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RW3 Excels in Gartner Review for Retail Execution in 2013

The Scope:  This year’s Gartner report evaluated nearly 20 retail execution solutions and technology companies, including some of the larger companies, like Oracle, AFS, and SAP. RW3’s solutions including InStore Mobile was not only able to compete, but emerged as an industry favorite in the report. Solutions were judged on the products’ analytical capabilities, configurability and flexibility, as well as company

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Optimize Your Analytics with BIG DATA

The consumer goods industry has recognized the importance of big data in improving operational efficiency and is beginning to utilize big data in their day-to-day business decisions. In a recent CGT study, Big Data Adoption, an overwhelming 89 percent already have, or are working to implement a big data strategy for their organization- that’s a significant increase over the past

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