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Can Robots Help Reduce On-Shelf Availability Concerns

Can Robots Help Reduce On-Shelf Availability Concerns It slides along the grocery store aisles, registering out-of-stocks, low stocks, price errors and misplaced items and goes by the name Tally. Tally the invention of Simbe Robotics, does the work that seems too boring, too repetitive, and too menial for humans to do, and too expensive for retailers to pay for. It

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The Problem With CPG Exception Reports

Got Reports? Don’t Forget to Focus on the Smaller Opportunities The human brain seems wired to find negative things. It’s apparently a throwback to evolution. We had to be more focused on being careful not to get eaten than we did on smelling the roses, so that’s what we concentrate on. But this instinct can create problems, too. Like when

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Why Weight Your Audits?

Did You Catch The Score? It’s the one question everyone asks at the end of a sporting event: What was the score? Shouldn’t you be asking the same after each audit?  The audit score is crucial when it comes to managing third-party brokers. Weighing an audit can make a significant impact and provide added value to your brokers’ activities. If

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Solving The Out-of-Stock Conundrum Across The CPG Industry

Solving The Out-of-Stock Conundrum The great out-of-stock (OOS) conundrum is continuously debated over, and regardless if you’re a retailer, supplier or distributor it’s time for the industry to come together and create a solution. OOS have been hurting the industry for decades and it’s time suppliers and retailers unite and solve this logistical nightmare and restore shopper loyalty. Currently, some reports depict the average

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The 2016 Retail Execution Road Map to Success – Part 2

The 2016 Retail Execution Road Map to Success – Part 2 The high demand for improved retail execution solutions lead RW3 to design the 2016 Retail Execution Road Map to Success, built around the CPG industry and today’s field reps. By following the five steps below your retail execution strategy can go from the boardroom’s whiteboard to full in-store sales

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The Retail Execution Road Map to Success 2016 – Part 1

The industry is transforming before our eyes. With new technology disruptors and today’s dynamic shopper, consumer goods organizations are finding it difficult to grow or even retain their category market share. In both 2013 and 2014, the growth of e-commerce drastically outpaced brick-and-mortar. According to recent projections from eMarketer, this trend is only expected to continue. After leaving this years

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Inspecting the Expected This Holiday Season

In today’s fast-paced world of quick promotions and new items, it can be difficult to monitor retail execution and ensure the accuracy of your salesforce efforts especially during the holiday season. One common issue we’ve heard time and time again from CPG manufacturers is that they feel limited by the size of their field salesforce. With finite hours in a

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Insights 360: The 2015 GMA Leadership Forum

The 2015 GMA Leadership Forum was once again filled with insightful content, an impressive group of attendees and a popular Partner-Power Connect segment. The theme, “Omni-Channel And The Ever Evolving Millennial Shopper” inspired sessions on topics that were top-of-mind for attendees. Kicking off the event was futurist Daniel Burros who did a wonderful job of demonstrating to the audience the

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Measure Your Promotional Compliance Rate

In the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, there can be a slight disconnect between the agreed-upon promotions and what is executed at the shelf. Retailers carry out thousands of programs each week and due to the vast number of promotions, as well as retailers streamlining labor costs, details can be overlooked. Although data is scarce industry experts believe that promotional

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CPG Companies Lending a Hand to Improve Trade Promotions

Trade Promotions are essential for a brand’s success in attracting new customers, introducing new products and ensuring ongoing shopper loyalty, so it’s no surprise it has grown to become the second largest line item in most CPG marketing budgets. With companies increasing their Trade Promotion efforts, including promotional end-caps and specials, some retailers are asking for assistance. CPG companies are

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