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Client Success: Turning Product Voids Into Sales Opportunities

Client Success: Turning Product Voids Into Sales Opportunities Why are product voids such a big issue in the CPG industry? With a product void, not only is the product out of stock but its facing disappears from the shelf. Then when a field rep checks the shelf during their store visit, unless they have an alert or a validated distribution list

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The Essential Data Source Every Scorecard Needs

The Essential Data Source Every Scorecard Needs Once you and your team have determined which activities to evaluate, agreed on performance thresholds, and have designed your layout, the next step is to select which integrated data sources you’ll need. Syndicated and Point Of Sale Data It’s important to consider all types of data and understand what each type will reveal

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How RW3 Allows CPG’s to Execute At Retail

With such a wide array of services and products we are excited to release the video How RW3 Brought Value Back to Retail.


Data Sharing brings Improvements at the Shelf

There are significant ROI benefits that come from CPG organizations and retailers of sharing downstream data, as well as data being shared throughout an organization. Controlling OOS, managing inventory, forecasting, replenishment and promotional compliance are all improved through collaboration and the sharing of data. Last year, in the 2013 State of Data Sharing study released by CGT and RIS News, 39% of

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All-Clad Snags Opportunities with Custom Data Dashboard

For All-Clad professional cookware, Williams-Sonoma is the retail Heavyweight Champion.  A huge number of All-Clad’s sales funnel through those stores. And since many of All-Clad’s products range from $100 to $1,000 or more, any change in sales could mean millions of dollars lost or gained. The only problem is that Willams-Sonoma was sending sales data in big, unwieldy spreadsheets that

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