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A Photo Really is Worth a Gigabyte of Data

A Photo Really is Worth a Gigabyte of Data A photo can replace a handful of questions in a store audit, provide supportive material for a field sales manager, or even be used in daily reports for the C-Suite. If photos are not part of your field sales strategy in 2018 that must change in 2019, the value lost is

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How A Photo Gallery Can Optimize Your Retail Execution & Field Sales Strategy

Photos Will Help Any Retail Execution Strategy But a Photo Gallery will Optimize It Comedian Jim Gaffigan tells a joke about the way people download and store their photos. “We used to have boxes of photos, now we just have old computers…. That’s my wedding computer.” Today, most consumers have moved their photographs to something like Instagram. But many CPG companies that

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The Three Must Have Capabilities For Field Sales Optimization in 2017

3 Must-Have Capabilities For Field Sales Optimization in 2017 When RW3 started out 25 years ago, our company and our customers were using landlines and payphones. The speed of change has never slowed and we only anticipate that it will continue to accelerate. To keep your team ahead of the competition your field sales solution must have these three capabilities

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The Value of Photos Within Your Retail Execution Analysis

Photos are becoming an essential part of a CPG Companies go-to-market strategy. With photos being stored in the cloud and organized by multiple data points they’ve almost become as versatile as quantitative data. Teams are organizing their photos by account, team member, promotion, and so on. So what does qualitative data provide that quantitative does not? The Value of Photos

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