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What Is Order-To-Shelf Technology?

What Is Order-To-Shelf Technology? In the world of supply chain innovation, Order To Shelf Technology is the next big thing. In 2016 Whole Foods and Target both switched over to this ordering process and have seen significant results (some good and bad). Now when store employees put in an order they provide a precise count of products needed for replenishment instead of a

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Client Success: Turning Product Voids Into Sales Opportunities

Client Success: Turning Product Voids Into Sales Opportunities Why are product voids such a big issue in the CPG industry? With a product void, not only is the product out of stock but its facing disappears from the shelf. Then when a field rep checks the shelf during their store visit, unless they have an alert or a validated distribution list

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How Should CPG Experts Define Out-of-Stocks?

How Should CPG Experts Define Out-of-Stocks? The best way to define them is to get a first-hand look into the industry’s perspective. The Food Marketing Institute/Grocery Manufacturers of America Trading Partner Alliance conducted a survey to further understand how (OOS) issues are being addressed and how on-shelf availability (OSA) is being pursued. Survey results outlined four critical areas demonstrating the gap between current

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Solving the Three Critical Factors That Cause Out of Stocks

Three Critical Areas to Address Before We Can Close the Gap on Out-of-Stocks Data from the Grocery Manufacturers of American (GMA) and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Trading Partner Alliance study shows when it comes to eliminating out-of-stocks (OOS), the industry finds the most discrepancy in defining them, we covered this in last weeks post. If you don’t have time

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