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Three Myths About Retail Execution in an Omnichannel World

These Beliefs Persist, Despite the Data:  Out-of-Stocks Aren’t a Problem Today  For some reason, brands think that out-of-stocks are a problem of the past. Maybe they trust inventory control tech to make sure it never happens. Whatever the reason, out-of-stocks are even a bigger risk in the omnichannel world. With online purchasing, click-and-collect, and delivery companies like Instacart and Shipt, competing with traditional in-store shoppers, there are

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It’s Not All About Price! How Retailers Can Win Big On Black Friday

It’s Not All About Price! How Retailers Win On Black Friday How do retailers score big on Black Friday? Do you offer sales early? Open on Thanksgiving? Focus your strategy around on your e-commerce channel? There are plenty of options but the best way to create a successful Black Friday strategy is to analyze the data collected you collected from

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