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REM Mobile Sales Force Solution Innovations – Bluetooth

REM Mobile Sales Force Solution Innovations – Bluetooth Wireless Technology is rapidly simplifying device management as it relates to the tools which enable retail management and execution. The long cords dragging through the stores, the managing of multiple devices to complete your duties, all these frustrations can be a thing of the past if you’re using the right sales force

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Solving The Out-of-Stock Conundrum Across The CPG Industry

Solving The Out-of-Stock Conundrum The great out-of-stock (OOS) conundrum is continuously debated over, and regardless if you’re a retailer, supplier or distributor it’s time for the industry to come together and create a solution. OOS have been hurting the industry for decades and it’s time suppliers and retailers unite and solve this logistical nightmare and restore shopper loyalty. Currently, some reports depict the average

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Five Big Data Shifts For CPG Field Teams in 2017

Five Big Data Shifts For CPG Field Teams in 2017 Everybody’s talking about Big Data. But what does it mean to the CPG Industry? Consider this scenario: In Los Angeles, one of our client’s retail grocer ranks among the top 10 nationally for sales of a particular baby food. But just a few blocks over, at the same grocery chain, that

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Consumer Demand Drives Collaboration

Consumer Demand Drives Collaboration Retailers and CPG companies can both agree that consumer satisfaction must be their number one priority. However, according to an article published by Marketing Daily nearly 1/3 of consumers feel their brands habitually let them down. It’s up to sales teams and their retail partners to improve the shopper experience. With the explosion of big data

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