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A Field Sales App Without Reporting Only Creates More Questions

Field Sales Apps Without Reporting Only Create More Questions Here’s something to remember: We’re all in this together. Both CPG companies and retailers are trying to keep or gain, an edge in a market that’s evolving so fast it’s almost impossible to keep up with. The better partnerships you can build, the more you can help each other succeed. And

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The Three Truths: Why Every Organization Needs A Scorecard

The 3 Truths: Why Every Organization Needs A Scorecard Does this sound familiar? “We’ve tried to set up a Scorecard in the past, but with limited team resources and a growing list of projects we had to push that aside”? It seems at the beginning of each fiscal year, setting up a scorecard is a top priority, however, between getting

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Are you Missing your Mark? Start Building Scorecards

Creating  complete and accurate scorecards does not have to be a time consuming and grueling process, as many organizations may think. The benefits of understanding the value of your retail activities outweigh the efforts behind building your report, so it is important that you get started.   First, determine which decision makers within your organization should be involved in developing key performance

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