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RAO: Retail Activity Optimization or a Really Awesome Opportunity

It’s Not Luck! It’s Innovation Executing at retail is paramount to the success of any brand. The more stores a rep can visit and perform daily retail activities the better but with a finite hours in a week a rep needs to know where to go and what do before they start their sales calls each day. A well thought out data strategy can be the

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The Surprising Advantages of Smaller REM Providers

The Surprising Advantages of Smaller REM Providers When you’re choosing a Retail Execution and Monitoring provider, it’s tempting to go with a heavy hitter, a name you see almost anywhere. After all, you’re not only making a financial investment but you’re trusting your sales operation to this technology provider and you need to know that they know what they’re doing. The

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RW3 Excels in Gartner Review for Retail Execution in 2013

The Scope:  This year’s Gartner report evaluated nearly 20 retail execution solutions and technology companies, including some of the larger companies, like Oracle, AFS, and SAP. RW3’s solutions including InStore Mobile was not only able to compete, but emerged as an industry favorite in the report. Solutions were judged on the products’ analytical capabilities, configurability and flexibility, as well as company

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