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Breaking Down The Data Silos To Align Sales & Marketing’s Vision

Breaking Down The Data Silos To Align Sales & Marketing’s Vision Data is the difference between profit and loss. Companies with the right data repository and reporting technology can track in real time how and where products are selling, performance of sales teams and retail partners and more. Timely data lets decision maker’s act quickly and confidently. But historically data

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Using Big Data to Understand Your End Consumer

Consumer data produced by SKUs and barcodes has been used by CPG organizations for years; however, a new breed of data created by the actual end consumer is currently baring tremendous value. This type of consumer data is being generated through mobile apps, online forums and social media. Retailers and CPG companies alike are finally getting the opportunity to understand

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Consumer Demand Drives Collaboration

Consumer Demand Drives Collaboration Retailers and CPG companies can both agree that consumer satisfaction must be their number one priority. However, according to an article published by Marketing Daily nearly 1/3 of consumers feel their brands habitually let them down. It’s up to sales teams and their retail partners to improve the shopper experience. With the explosion of big data

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