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RW3’s Business Intelligence Suite & Visual Dashboards

Learn how RW3’s Mobile BI Suite is transforming today’s Consumer Packaged Goods analytics and reporting strategies.  With reps constantly on the go RW3 allows them to bring their reports with them!


HTML5 Common Myths… Busted

Myth: Mobile applications developed in HTML5 are device agnostic, allowing for all features to run seamlessly on all devices and platforms, letting organizations successfully and flawlessly switch to a BYOD policy. Fact:  HTML5 apps are great and versatile…in certain circumstances.  The bottom line for a CG field-based mobile app is that it needs to support your sales force intuitively and

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Using Big Data to Understand Your End Consumer

Consumer data produced by SKUs and barcodes has been used by CPG organizations for years; however, a new breed of data created by the actual end consumer is currently baring tremendous value. This type of consumer data is being generated through mobile apps, online forums and social media. Retailers and CPG companies alike are finally getting the opportunity to understand

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RW3 Implements Mobile Capabilities for Kimberly-Clark

Austin, Texas – June 4, 2013 – RW3 Technologies recently contracted with Kimberly-Clark (KCC) to help optimize their trade promotion investment. Because consumers worldwide choose KCC products, RW3 is providing state-of-the-art mobile technology solutions that enable KCC’s brands to remain front and center on the shelf. RW3 approached KCC with an initiative to optimize KCC’s investment by measuring retail compliance

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