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RW3’s Business Intelligence Suite & Visual Dashboards

Learn how RW3’s Mobile BI Suite is transforming today’s Consumer Packaged Goods analytics and reporting strategies.  With reps constantly on the go RW3 allows them to bring their reports with them!


Five Big Data Shifts For CPG Field Teams in 2017

Five Big Data Shifts For CPG Field Teams in 2017 Everybody’s talking about Big Data. But what does it mean to the CPG Industry? Consider this scenario: In Los Angeles, one of our client’s retail grocer ranks among the top 10 nationally for sales of a particular baby food. But just a few blocks over, at the same grocery chain, that

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How Pricing Defines Your Brands

Whether you’re a baby boomer, generation x or a millennial, there are so many influencers weighing upon a shopper. Pricing is a huge influencer, especially on the millennial shopper ($200 billion + in sales), who is an especially price sensitive, tech-savvy and “smart” shopper. Baby Boomers ($230 billion + in sales), are known to have strong brand loyalty- but will

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Pricing for the New Customer – Competitive Pricing Data

Pricing for the New Customer – Competitive Pricing Data Customers use price comparison websites and apps every day, to compare products and prices across stores and channels, to get the best value. Retail organizations have used similar solutions too, to gather pricing data from competitors and integrate it into their own pricing strategies. Now, technology is allowing retailers the ability

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National Tobacco Company Undergoes Sales Force Evolution

National Tobacco Company (NTC) has doubled its business over the last five years, a feat that it strongly attributes to a long-standing partnership with its sales force automation provider, RW3. With 300 employees, NTC manufactures, imports, markets and sells tobacco products and accessories under brand names like Beech-Nut, Stoker’s and Zig-Zag to the United States and select international markets. Initially

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