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How Should CPG Experts Define Out-of-Stocks?

How Should CPG Experts Define Out-of-Stocks? The best way to define them is to get a first-hand look into the industry’s perspective. The Food Marketing Institute/Grocery Manufacturers of America Trading Partner Alliance conducted a survey to further understand how (OOS) issues are being addressed and how on-shelf availability (OSA) is being pursued. Survey results outlined four critical areas demonstrating the gap between current

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Five Big Data Shifts For CPG Field Teams in 2017

Five Big Data Shifts For CPG Field Teams in 2017 Everybody’s talking about Big Data. But what does it mean to the CPG Industry? Consider this scenario: In Los Angeles, one of our client’s retail grocer ranks among the top 10 nationally for sales of a particular baby food. But just a few blocks over, at the same grocery chain, that

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The 2016 GMA Leadership Forum

The 2016 GMA Leadership Forum at The Greenbrier is only a few weeks away and hopefully you’re lucky enough to be attending this invitation only CPG industry event. This year’s Keynote Signature Series Speakers consisting of General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.) Former U.S. Secretary of State, Greg Foran President and CEO of Walmart U.S. and Peyton Manning Legendary NFL

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Top 100 CPG Companies Turn to Mobile SFA

In September, Catalina released a report revealing that major consumer packaged goods brands are trailing in today’s highly competitive retail environment. Nearly two-thirds of the Top 100 CPG brands tracked by Catalina saw sales and market share slip. Despite overall sales growth in every major category in which the top 100 compete. Among the 38 Top 100 brands that saw sales

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Private Label Brands Compete Harder than Ever

The rise of the private label brand during the recession is making for stiffer competition for brand name products.. Trends show that while many customers returned to buying their favorite brand names, other shoppers are content with private label and don’t plan on switching back…yet. The increase of private label sales in supermarkets and drug stores is significant- an increase

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Data Sharing brings Improvements at the Shelf

There are significant ROI benefits that come from CPG organizations and retailers of sharing downstream data, as well as data being shared throughout an organization. Controlling OOS, managing inventory, forecasting, replenishment and promotional compliance are all improved through collaboration and the sharing of data. Last year, in the 2013 State of Data Sharing study released by CGT and RIS News, 39% of

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Using Big Data to Understand Your End Consumer

Consumer data produced by SKUs and barcodes has been used by CPG organizations for years; however, a new breed of data created by the actual end consumer is currently baring tremendous value. This type of consumer data is being generated through mobile apps, online forums and social media. Retailers and CPG companies alike are finally getting the opportunity to understand

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Consumer Demand Drives Collaboration

Consumer Demand Drives Collaboration Retailers and CPG companies can both agree that consumer satisfaction must be their number one priority. However, according to an article published by Marketing Daily nearly 1/3 of consumers feel their brands habitually let them down. It’s up to sales teams and their retail partners to improve the shopper experience. With the explosion of big data

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