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Coopetition: A New Strategy To Ignite Innovation

Coopetition: A New Strategy To Ignite CPG Innovation The tried-and-true model CPG companies and grocers have been operating with needs to be modernized. That is, the competition model of fighting for the same space with fairly similar products, guarding statistical analysis data, protecting secrets—some of them legitimate trade secrets, some not so much. Small and large innovators including Amazon is

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Redesigning Shelf Tags With a Purpose

Why Is It Time To Redesign The Grocery Shelf Tag?  In a world that truly appreciates design (Airbnb, 99 Percent Invisible, Core77) isn’t it about time retail grocers redesigned the iconic shelf tag? Winco and Down To Earth think so! Consumers expect information—fast, transparent information. The item’s price and their savings is not enough anymore. They want to know what’s

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