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How RW3 Allows CPG’s to Execute At Retail

With such a wide array of services and products we are excited to release the video How RW3 Brought Value Back to Retail.


Why Weight Your Audits?

Did You Catch The Score? It’s the one question everyone asks at the end of a sporting event: What was the score? Shouldn’t you be asking the same after each audit?  The audit score is crucial when it comes to managing third-party brokers. Weighing an audit can make a significant impact and provide added value to your brokers’ activities. If

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RAO: Retail Activity Optimization or a Really Awesome Opportunity

It’s Not Luck! It’s Innovation Executing at retail is paramount to the success of any brand. The more stores a rep can visit and perform daily retail activities the better but with a finite hours in a week a rep needs to know where to go and what do before they start their sales calls each day. A well thought out data strategy can be the

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Is a Retail Execution and Monitoring Solution Right for You?

Is a Retail Execution & Monitoring Solution Right for You? Yes. But before I explain, let me first define what, exactly, a retail execution and monitoring solution is… Retail execution can mean a variety of things depending on your role in the organization, which makes it difficult to understand the full capabilities of a retail execution and monitoring solution. Gartner

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The 2016 Retail Execution Road Map to Success – Part 2

The 2016 Retail Execution Road Map to Success – Part 2 The high demand for improved retail execution solutions lead RW3 to design the 2016 Retail Execution Road Map to Success, built around the CPG industry and today’s field reps. By following the five steps below your retail execution strategy can go from the boardroom’s whiteboard to full in-store sales

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Integrating POS Data into a Mobile Retail Execution Strategy

We’ve all seen the power of POS and syndicated data in the CPG industry. But, for some reason, when companies try to implement data solutions into their mobile sales force strategy, the ROI begins to dwindle and the obstacles seem to multiply. Innovations in data warehouses and mobile technology, however, have transformed what was once a dismal undertaking into an

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