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The Essential Data Source Every Scorecard Needs

The Essential Data Source Every Scorecard Needs Once you and your team have determined which activities to evaluate, agreed on performance thresholds, and have designed your layout, the next step is to select which integrated data sources you’ll need. Syndicated and Point Of Sale Data It’s important to consider all types of data and understand what each type will reveal

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RW3’s Business Intelligence Suite & Visual Dashboards

Learn how RW3’s Mobile BI Suite is transforming today’s Consumer Packaged Goods analytics and reporting strategies.  With reps constantly on the go RW3 allows them to bring their reports with them!


CGT’s Review and Outlook for 2015

CGT’s Review and Outlook for 2015 CPG companies and retailers are in a never-ending race to provide the best user experience and the most convenient, accessible shopping alternative for customers. And, it seems, as soon as one company introduces a new solution to the omnichannel shopping experience, customers expect it to be ubiquitous. So how is that working out for

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Energizer Gains the Analytics Advantage

Energizer was determined to accurately assess the ROI of retail service activities at granular levels. It sought to understand which services drive the most incremental sales and which cost the most to perform. It needed a process and a database to collect and deliver the data in a meaningful way.   >Read Full Story