RW3 Excels in Gartner Review for Retail Execution in 2013

The Scope: 
This year’s Gartner report evaluated nearly 20 retail execution solutions and technology companies, including some of the larger companies, like Oracle, AFS, and SAP. RW3’s solutions including InStore Mobile was not only able to compete, but emerged as an industry favorite in the report. Solutions were judged on the products’ analytical capabilities, configurability and flexibility, as well as company strategies, knowledge of the market, and track record.

The Judging:
Companies were evaluated on their visibility, geographic and industry strategies, their market responsiveness a, and deployment capability. They were also evaluated on their partnerships and long term vision.

Product features and capabilities were evaluated extensively.  Categories included product and delivery aptness and flexibility, RAO (the ability to optimize activities of the field force, to yield the highest return on their time and travel), solution completeness, analytical functionality, configurability, and overall user experience.

Why Choose RW3?
You want to achieve RAO ahead of the pack; when you need deep expertise, including the ability to outsource some analytical functions for the short or long term; or when you seek a relatively easy-to-deploy solution”– Gartner.

Gartner reported RW3 as “one of the most advanced offerings in RAO, including the ability to manage and integrate POS and other data.” RW3 ranked highly in numerous other categories, including product flexibility, solution completeness, and company vision, to name a few.

Along with strong analytics, a mobile BI Suite, and a very deep understanding of the industry Gartner states “Arguably, the vendor (RW3) is an industry company that has a software offering, not a software company that purports to know a bit about the industry.” – Gartner.

In the years to come we plan to continue to innovate and provide the industry with solutions that address their needs, and help achieve their goals.  Technology is only part of the solution; experience and knowledge allows us to complete the offering.



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Seth Nagle, Senior Marketing Manager at RW3 Technologies understands the power of innovation but also its limitations. Attending Salve Regina in New England, starting his career in Silicon Valley, and now living in Austin, Texas; Seth provides a unique tech perspective to a complex CPG and Retail Grocery Industry that is in constant disruption.

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