RW3’s Retail Price Audits

Leading the industry through customer service and accurate data

Key Value Items & Category Collections

We conduct full book and directed retail price audits in accounts across the country

Secure and Flexible Data Delivery

Pricing data can be encrypted, automated, and delivered in your current file format

Digital Pricing Data Collections (Location Specific)

We collect digital pricing and match items with your in-store deliverables

Our Application; Our People; Your Complete Competitive Pricing Data Collection Service

RW3 delivers accurate in-store and digital competitive pricing data across the US. During the retail pricing audit, we use an innovative multi-layer validation process that verifies pricing throughout the collection period. Then, before the pricing file is delivered, the data is verified once more using our own internal reporting algorithms that highlight any additional outliers.

Accurate Data Collections
Category Assortment Visibility
Time Stamped Data
Private Label Matching
Ad-Hoc Checks
Local Customer Support

Why Choose RW3?

This past year RW3 led the industry by providing superior customer service, redefining the term “accurate data” and building new partnerships with leading grocers across the US.

The Tech Behind The Data