Broker Response Portal

Closing the retail execution loop *MarketCheck Only*

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Increase your partnerships value

Effectively manage your retail investment

Once an audit is completed, it’s important to take the next step and have your broker fix the miscues and close the ticket. Too often issues arise and aren’t corrected in a timely manner creating a schism between the supply chain, marketing, and sales. Using the response portal, your broker can receive an automated alert and quickly correct the issue at hand. Then, respond back in the portal closing the loop and ensuring your brand is represented correctly at retail. 

Manage & track response times 
Create scored audits for compliance 
Improved collaboration through data
Track 100’s of open audits seamlessly 
Track retail store activities
Manage resets & continuity services

Features Of the Retail Execution Solutions

Alerts & Task Management

Use data to receive a variety of alerts and prioritize a reps in-store activities throughout the day

Item Distribution

Manage item distribution across all channels and ensure on shelf availability at all key accounts

CRM Profile

Keep a running store profile of each account and never forget a store manager’s name again

Customer Support

Get up and running fast with our live phone support and account management services out of Austin, TX.

Guided Selling & Sell Sheets

Boost your sell-in rate and maximize your new items and promotions all within SmartCall

Data Visualization

Review your KPI’s in seconds with easy to read dashboards and scorecards that fit a variety of needs

Photo Gallery

Track, manage  and share all your photos within the Photo Gallery and give your email a break

Retail Activity Optimization

RAO is becoming a game changer in the CPG industry assisting the rep in every step of the store visit process