Project Description


Managing out-of-stocks is a daunting task in the video game business where companies must constantly launch new products that have  short, fad-driven shelf lives and strong seasonality. Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) knew it needed to be well equipped to not only collect data but to transform it into knowledge that would enable their team to make better, more insightful decisions. The company was also looking to maximize the routing of its merchandisers to increase their hours in-store. SCEA needed a retail execution capability to easily identify opportunities and act on them before consumers moved on to the “next new thing.”


SCEA approached RW3 seeking a solution that would automate its merchandising functions and deliver the necessary insights to improve its business processes. RW3 provided SCEA with an application that allows merchandisers to collect data by answering POP placement questions, performing share-of-shelf surveys and answering out-of-stock questions at the store level. The SCEA custom reporting dashboard consists of retail compliance measures, product in-stocks, competitive execution, interactivity and demo disc placement, in addition to merchandiser time mileage and store activity tracking. Furthermore, ad hoc data and survey requests are available.


RW3’s InStore solution has enabled SCEA to measure and report retail execution on a consistent basis.

“RW3’s intelligent reporting allows us to get visibility of opportunities for improvement and measure successes all in real-time. We understand exactly what we are paying for by measuring execution compliance of our retailers,” said David Fiano, SCEA Director of Merchandising.

The data insights on retail execution have also allowed SCEA to calculate the ROI on its merchandising dollars. “SCEA’s retail execution was in the dark ages before RW3,” asserted Fiano. “We are now at the point where we can use our retail intelligence to manage our merchandisers and our go-to-market processes more effectively.”

The Details

Project Focus: In-Store Execution & Reporting
Client: Sony Computer Entertainment America

Value Drivers

Measure & Report Retail Execution
Calculated the ROI on Merchandising Dollars
Effectively Manage Merchandisers
Corrected Out-Of-Stocks & Improved On Shelf Availability