Project Description


King’s Hawaiian needed a solution that could be integrated into their organization to streamline the daily activities of their direct field team and brokers as well as provide account specific analytics. The company wanted to implement a multi-pronged sales strategy to increase visibility by creating points of interruption across accounts. They needed a single system that would allow the Field Sales Reps (FSR) and brokers to effectively execute their daily activities in the market-place. Additionally, King’s Hawaiian wanted to improve downstream messaging, measure retailer compliance and the FSRs effectiveness.


King’s Hawaiian implemented RW3’s InStore Execution and BI Suite across the organization. While the InStore Execution Suite contains two separate applications focusing on two separate workflows, it delivers the data into the same database allowing for users to access the same secure data repository for their reporting needs. By integrating all of these data sources RW3 was able generate account-specific reports that helped the sales organization build market share.


The InStore Suite allowed the company to conduct organization-wide audits during holiday periods and allowed FSRs to monitor points of interruption and improve retail conditions across key accounts. The data collected was then used for further collaboration and improvements moving into the next quarter.

“We were able to improve our display rates by 20 percent during the peak holiday season.” said Robert Diaz, West Region Operations Manager, King’s Hawaiian. “This allowed the consumers to be able to get the product when they needed it. We made sure to capture higher sales rates by limiting out-of-stocks during peak season.”

Additionally, the BI Suite allowed King’s Hawaiian to measure the reps’ productivity, track their ROI, and share the results across the organization. “Improved communication throughout our organization and third-party was a big win,” said Diaz. The RW3 solutions “enabled communication to our broker partners about opportunities at retail that could subsequently be corrected […] We have begun to make some significant strides here and hope to make even bigger leaps.”

The Details

Project Focus: Direct Team & Broker Execution
Client: King’s Hawaiian

Value Drivers

20% Improved Display Rates
Account Specific Audits Across Channels
Custom Reports & KPI Scorecards
Minimized Out-Of-Stocks in Peak Seasons