Project Description


Kimberly-Clark is a company that invests to promote its brands at retail, and it saw the opportunity to increase collaboration with its retail partners and improve the current promotional compliance standards. But they needed a reliable way to track retailer behavior and progress. With retailers juggling thousands of promotions each week, some elements of the agreed-upon programs can be overlooked. Kimberly-Clark needed to quantify trade promotion compliance to understand what is truly being executed in the store and at the shelf.


Kimberly-Clark equipped its retail operations team with the RW3 InStore Suite. The company developed and conducted retailer-specific audits and surveys focusing on off-shelf display, pricing, signage, and on-shelf availability. The InStore MarketCheck app provided an all-encompassing tool for Kimberly-Clark to share these insights with their retail customers.

“By creating retailer-specific audits we were able to accurately collect, organize, and analyze a large amount of data while eliminating the uncertainty of what was occurring on the selling floor and at the shelf,” explained Lon Hanson, director, Customer Development-Broker Headquarter/Retail, Kimberly-Clark.


RW3’s InStore Execution Suite provided Kimberly-Clark with insights that revealed promotion execution success ranged from around 15 percent to 50 percent. Incorrect signage, lack of inventory, and limited communication was causing both parties to lose opportunities for revenue growth.

“Identifying the promotional compliance rates was the first big win of this project; the next one will be derived in the subsequent steps of collaboration with our retail partners,” Hanson said. “By clearly identifying areas of opportunities with our partners, we can achieve a significant rise of compliance over the next program period.”

Access to this comprehensive data has enabled Kimberly-Clark to approach its retailers with concrete evidence, including geo-tagged photos, rather than addressing isolated instances of noncompliance. Kimberly-Clark improved its collaboration with the retailers to adjust in-store execution efforts.

The Details

Project Focus: Promotion Compliance & Collaboration
Client: Kimberly Clark

Value Drivers

Identified Promotion Execution 15%-50%
Created Specific Account Surveys & Audits
Captured Geo Tagged Photos
Created New Execution Strategies