Project Description


Jennie-O wanted to improve on-shelf availability of their value-added tray pack turkey products. However Jennie-O’s go-to-market strategy, included both an internal sales organization and a national independent food broker network, which created a disconnect between account distribution and in-store availability. They needed a solution to align the goals of Jennie-O with the independent brokers, who represent a multitude of manufacturers and SKU’s within the same retailers.


Jennie-O turned to RW3 for their industry expertise and practical solutions. RW3 conducted a comprehensive business assessment to fine-tune Jennie-O’s retail execution strategy. They determined that implementing RW3’s in-store solutions would allow them to manage distribution and achieve greater on-shelf availability.

The InStore solution allowed Jennie-O to prioritize and communicate opportunities for individual accounts to both the internal and broker field sales teams. The new, streamlined communication between all parties enabled Jennie-O to drive on-shelf availability of the best-selling items in each retailer. The InStore solution not only optimized field sales productivity and efficiency, but also provided a process improvement to achieve faster placement of newly sold-in items.

RW3’s Reporting and Analytics team created a custom reporting dashboard so Jennie-O could measure baseline and growth of distribution from the retail outlet by account, market and product category. Syndicated data was integrated into the dashboard to allow Jennie-O to view the best-selling items authorized by account. Jennie-O sales reps then used the clear and specific insights to assist in selecting which items should be sold-in first. At the account level, the dashboard offered the ability to assess the existing situation, understand distribution gaps by store and track overall improvement.


Jennie-O’s implementation of RW3’s InStore solution realized a 13% increase in on-shelf availability, and similar increases in margins, for its value added business in less than 12 months. Their customers were pleased with the improvement and consistency of product availability.

The Details

Project Focus: Broker Execution & Integration
Client: Jennie-O Turkey Store

Value Drivers

13% Increase in On-Shelf Availability
Communicate With 3rd Party Field Sales Teams
Custom Reports & Targeted KPI Scorecards
Manage Distribution Across All Accounts