Project Description


Energizer Holdings, Inc. believed that retail service should be a solid investment, delivering a positive ROI, when managed properly. But without actual data, they couldn’t quantify what services provided real value. Energizer sought a solution that could measure both in-store execution and its cost. The company wanted to accurately assess the ROI of retail service activities to understand which services drive the most incremental sales and which cost the most to perform.


Energizer and RW3 launched an innovative partnership, developing a process and a database to collect and deliver the data in a way that would provide insight that let Energizer deliver the right service at each retailer. Energizer fully integrated all of its retail data — store-level POS data, retail execution measures, and analytics — into RW3’s BI Suite. Users could access the all the data in one location from anywhere, making it easy to assess in-store retail execution activities inside key retailers and make more informed choices.


RW3’s BI Suite empowered Energizer to understand the complex process behind the retail execution mix in a unique retail environment and how to manage it effectively.

“One surprising thing we found was an activities effectiveness variance across retailers. In one account, we found a higher payout regarding on-shelf availability and, in the other, a higher ROI on incremental merchandising,” said Jay Setnicka, Director of U.S. Retail Operations, Energizer Holdings, Inc.

“Preliminary results are validating our assumption that targeted in-store activities tailored by retailers are showing improved sales rates at the store,” Setnicka said. Since Energizer implemented RW3’s ROI service metrics and adjusted ROI measures, sales rates have shown improvement across channels and customers.

The Details

Project Focus: Data Integration & Analytics
Client: Energizer

Value Drivers

Measuring In-Store Execution & Costs
Cross Department Single Data Repository
Identifying ROI of In-Store Activities
Improved Sales Rates Per Account