Project Description


Tampa-based Bay Food Brokerage, which has been supporting the retail perishable industry in the Southeast for nearly 20 years, relied on a traditional salesforce management process. The agency’s account representatives gathered data for each store call using a paper system, and most of them did not have access to email during the day. But Bay Food Brokerage recognized the need to leverage the data collected and wanted to become more operationally and environmentally sustainable. The company also wanted to eliminate multiple data entry points to increase productivity and accuracy.


After a thorough search of potential solutions, Bay Food Brokers selected RW3’s InStore Suite. The suite, comprised of in-store application collects and integrates customer-facing data with other available data streams and enables granular reporting at the store level. The suite also provides actionable insights for each outlet and product line and gives map driving and routing information to group stores more efficiently.

“We have always done very well serving our retail partners and our principals but believed we could do better by deploying a system that automated many of the tasks our team in the field completes every day. We set out to find a solution that would enable our people on the ground to help drive sales through improved merchandising, inventory management and promotion management,” said Cammie Chatterton, president of Bay Food Brokerage.


Within months, the company is seeing dramatic results, including added flexibility, adaptability, measurably improved in-store efficiencies and increased sell-through of new products.

“The RW3 InStore Suite on the iPad provides faster response to performance gaps and sales opportunities. We are now able to do so much more with the data we are collecting and do it much faster,” said Chatterton.

Account representatives now have more flexibility and adaptability, and can measurably improve in-store activities. More time also is afforded to “marketing” products to increase facings, issue  coupons and support future retailer promotions. In addition, Bay has increased its ability to “sell-in” new products. For instance, if a store manager doesn’t want to allow an item in distribution, the Bay account representative can show results of another store to attempt to win distribution in that store.  Account representatives now have access to focused reports for each manufacturer, providing actual efficiencies/time in store/coverage and analysis of sales and distribution by item, store and brand, and management has access to performance of employees and sales efforts to measure in-store activity.

The Details

Project Focus: In-Store Execution & Reporting
Client: Bay Food Brokerage

Value Drivers

Measurable In-Store Efficiencies
Increased Sell Through of New Products
Custom Reports & Targeted KPI Scorecards
Improved Travel Times & Costs