REM Mobile Sales Force Solution Innovations – Bluetooth

REM Mobile Sales Force Solution Innovations – Bluetooth

Wireless Technology is rapidly simplifying device management as it relates to the tools which enable retail management and execution. The long cords dragging through the stores, the managing of multiple devices to complete your duties, all these frustrations can be a thing of the past if you’re using the right sales force solution.

Wireless Technology (Bluetooth) eliminates the disorder and handles all your device integration tasks wirelessly and communicates locally with the devices you need to complete your daily routine.

Bluetooth Scanners

As an example, if you need scanning capability, Bluetooth scanners can integrate with your sales force solution running on a mobile device allowing your sales team to scan thousands of items in a day. These small, lightweight, ergonomic scanning devices work with multiple operating systems, including IOS.

Bluetooth Devices

And scanners aren’t the only devices working with Bluetooth technology. Other devices, such as food thermometers and printers are going wireless, allowing for safety audits to be conducted quickly and effectively. Auditors don’t have to manually record information, so they can do more audits and eliminate the risk of incorrect data entry.

Working Smarter Around REM

If your team didn’t have to spend extra time (1-2 hours) manually compiling and entering data, could they be more productive and influential in achieving your organizational goals? Bluetooth technology is improving fast. If your current solution doesn’t incorporate it, are you really getting the most value possible?


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Seth Nagle, Senior Marketing Manager at RW3 Technologies understands the power of innovation but also its limitations. Attending Salve Regina in New England, starting his career in Silicon Valley, and now living in Austin, Texas; Seth provides a unique tech perspective to a complex CPG and Retail Grocery Industry that is in constant disruption.

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