Jennie-O Turkey Store Building On-Shelf Availability

Business Challenge: Organizational changes within JOTS’ retail division shifted additional broker management responsibilities to their internal Regional Business Managers (RBMs). The challenge was to get JOTS’ RBMs into stores to audit shelf-level distribution, track pricing information and gain meaningful insight to better coach brokers on closing distribution gaps and capitalizing on opportunities to boost availability and margins on their priority products.

Approach and Solution:  During a business review, Cris Eide, Director of Business Development, Retail Division, and the team at RW3 discussed JOT’s new auditing needs and requirements. The RW3 team reviewed their new Mobile Audit for iPad as a solution that would meet and exceed JOT’s goals of quickly engaging RBM’s and their brokers for improved instore presence. Cris and his team immediately saw its inherent value to boost their on-shelf availability and distribution.

RW3 Mobile Audit for iPad helps focus RBMs on priority tasks within their market. With this tool in hand, JOTS’ auditors easily access RW3 GPS Smart Route that instantly identifies, prioritizes and maps out audit calls in a target geography. Each store within an RBM’s market is color-coded based on priority filters. Auditors also get immediate access to key information before entering a store. Once in the store, auditors can view individual store profiles, get internal brand messages and review historical store level conditions.

RW3 Mobile Audit for iPad provides instant tools to easily collect data at the shelf. The intuitive audit interface makes accurate data collection paperless, more efficient and user-friendly.

Jennie-O Turkey Store (JOTS) is advancing their expertise for superior on-shelf availability and precision distribution with third party brokers. For the past six years, JOTS has seen 2% incremental increases in on-shelf availability and increases in margins with RW3 InStore, an effective retail execution solution for both their internal sales organization and independent broker network. To expand on their success, the Company is further refining their broker management process, adding new capabilities with an RW3 Mobile Audit for iPad solution to measure performance, improve accountability and better collaborate with their broker teams.

RW3 Mobile Audit has become an invaluable tool, giving us greater ownership over retail execution effectiveness with our Regional Business Managers, and insuring shelf presence of our priority products for our consumers. 

– Cris Eide, Director of Business Development, Retail Division, Jennie-O Turkey Store


RW3’s expertise helped us understand and implement a business solution to improve on-shelf availability of our most profitable products. We are now able to act on opportunities in our sales process to positively impact customer satisfaction   at the shelf. 

–Barry Lynch, Vice President-Retail, Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc.


RW3 Mobile Audit for iPad also has a unique photo capture feature that allows auditors to take a picture of shelf conditions with their iPad, instantly categorizing and putting the photo in context with specific audit questions. This visual documentation provides JOTS with a clear picture of store compliance against key performance indicators.

When JOTS auditors need to track product level data to measure item distribution, RW3 Mobile Audit for iPad puts Account authorized products at their fingertips. Unlimited product-level questions allow RBMs to identify and provide their brokers specific information regarding voids, out of stocks and plan-o-gram compliance in the store.
strong>Results:  RW3 Mobile Audit exceeds all of JOTS’ solution requirements. In five months all of JOTS’ Regional Business Managers and key management members now take RW3 Mobile Audit for iPad into their markets to audit priority stores, with the Company seeing significant improvements.

“RW3 Mobile Audit has become an invaluable tool, giving us greater ownership over retail execution effectiveness with our Regional Business Managers, and insuring shelf presence of our priority products for our consumers.”  

– Cris Eide, Director Business Development, Retail Division

Regional Business Managers’ efficiency and productivity has increased by doubling the RBM store visits, allowing the JOTS Team to gain a wider view of market conditions. This translates into a more accurate picture of shelf availability and distribution performance. RBMs are now starting to share audit insights with brokers and retailers to optimize performance and improve on-shelf availability. JOTS may eventually add mobile reporting and integrated two-way electronic communication between the Company and their broker teams to further fine-tune the broker management process with RW3.

About RW3

RW3 enables Consumer Goods organizations by helping optimize sales channel productivity; ultimately increasing speed-to-shelf, expanding market share and maximizing ROI. We deliver account and retail mobile solutions as well as full DSR platforms that integrate multiple streams of POS and syndicated data.  Contact RW3 at or 800-444-5793.

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Seth Nagle, Senior Marketing Manager at RW3 Technologies understands the power of innovation but also its limitations. Attending Salve Regina in New England, starting his career in Silicon Valley, and now living in Austin, Texas; Seth provides a unique tech perspective to a complex CPG and Retail Grocery Industry that is in constant disruption.

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