Is Your Marketing Mix & Digital Services Targeting All Your Shoppers???

Retail Success in Serving Demographics Outside The Target Market 

Retailers tend to focus a lot of their future-gazing on millennials and their tendencies to use technology, look for bargains and love convenience like home delivery. But while millennials are a big group, there are other very important and often overlooked segments of the consumer population that stores can win a lot of loyalty points by attending to with minor adjustments in services and offerings. While every shopper is different, all it takes is to spend a little time understanding how these groups live to make a big difference to a whole lot of grocery shoppers who feel unattended to.

Disabled Veterans

 Some of these shoppers might want home delivery to avoid the hassles of transportation. Making a day every week when disabled veterans can get a discount on their shopping bill using home delivery, or click and collect, is a great way to recognize the contribution and the special support needs of those customers. For disabled vets who do like to do their own shopping, you can make sure they have access to an app that alerts them about discounts on products they buy and put the coupon right on the app so they don’t need to cart extra things on their shopping trip. You can also make sure: There are plenty of van parking spaces for disabled customers, that getting to motorized carts is easy, and that there’s someone available to help them reach products that may be difficult to access from the motorized cart.

Parent Shopping With Kids

 Let’s face it a lot of this shopping happens after school and work when everyone is tired, hungry, cranky, and still has stuff to accomplish before they can relax for the night. Kids want everything sugary they can see and don’t want to walk sedately by the cart. Parents just want to buy something for dinner that isn’t filled with salt, hormones, and chemicals but doesn’t take too long either. This is a group that needs healthy meals that are ready-to-go and will feed a family for a reasonable price. And it never hurts to have some kind of treat to help kids see a trip to the grocery store as a positive (free fruit sample?).

Finally, there are some really key safety issues. No parent can be 100 percent attentive, especially when trying to also find the right groceries, fast. Every year tens of thousands of kids are hurt in grocery cart accidents. Making extra efforts around keeping kids safe would make parents lives much easier. This extends to the parking lot as well. It’s a good idea to reserve a couple spaces not just for people with disabilities or even pregnant women but also for families who want to get their kids out of the car and into the store safely.

Senior Citizens

Stores are getting really innovative with how they tag items on the shelves but it’s important to remember senior citizens who just need to be able to see the description and price of items easily. Stores also should make sure aisles are large enough and easily navigated and possibly include parking spaces for senior citizens who don’t have disabilities but still have a tougher time getting around. Having senior discount days makes it easier for seniors to make a regular habit of shopping at your store. Also, consider that many senior citizens may prefer to get their prescriptions when they come in to shop rather than making a special trip. Having a seniors’ fast-track so they don’t have to wait in line would make that a lot easier.

With all the focus on the shoppers of tomorrow, grocery retailers could make a big difference in the shoppers of today, and improve their bottom lines, by focusing on how their shoppers live and providing solutions, not just products.

Don’t Need to Define Just Provide

Lastly and most importantly you don’t need to designate these additional offerings to a specific group, rather advertise these specific offerings in a targeted media location and if your marketing is done correctly these services will be utilized by those you designed them for.


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Seth Nagle, Senior Marketing Manager at RW3 Technologies understands the power of innovation but also its limitations. Attending Salve Regina in New England, starting his career in Silicon Valley, and now living in Austin, Texas; Seth provides a unique tech perspective to a complex CPG and Retail Grocery Industry that is in constant disruption.

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