Introducing RW3 Smart Link Portal – Powered by AI

Introducing RW3 Smart Link Portal – Powered by AI

Building a winning pricing strategy for your products starts with knowing what competitors are doing on the shelf. But analyzing and responding to pricing data for hundreds or thousands of products across retailers, regions, and stores can be time-intensive and frustrating.

The proliferation of private-label brands in every tier has only complicated this process. When retailers change suppliers, UPCs often change too, leaving analysts scrambling to update their systems. At the same time, solutions that promise to automate price management often fail to deliver the reliability and accuracy needed. We believe there should be a better way.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce RW3 Smart Link Portal, a modern web app powered by AI and Machine Learning designed to help retailers and CPG orgs win the pricing strategy game. Smart Link Portal provides all the tools you need for large-scale competitive pricing management & analytics, including:

  1. Automated Data Extraction
    Specify the retailers, region, and stores where you wish to track pricing data. Our data extraction process scours the web and pulls product info into a database
  2. AI-Powered Item Linking
    Our AI-powered system will identify matches between your items and name brand or private label items discovered via data extraction – even those without UPC information. Matches that are less than 100% certain are flagged for manual review.
  3. Advanced Data Analytics
    Intuitive dashboards allow analysts to track & explore pricing trends. Dig deep into the data and find exactly what you need to make decisions

Smart Link Portal’s machine learning algorithms are built on next-gen data science to overcome the special challenges of linking correlated retail products. The system automatically matches unique items with similar attributes (Great Value 0% Milk vs. Wegmans Whole Milk), or identical items across different retailers, even if UPC data is unavailable. Over time, the system learns and becomes more accurate based on your input.

Designed for desktops and tablets, the web app is both powerful and easy to use. Overview screens provide summary-level reporting and alerts. At the same time, advanced search and filtering tools allow you to dig into historical data and search for products across competitors

With increasing competition at the shelf, rising inflation, and ongoing economic uncertainty, staying ahead of the competition is essential. Learn how you can take your competitive pricing game to the next level with RW3 Smart Link Portal. Request a demo today.

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Bruce is the founder and CEO of RW3 Technologies. Having spent more than 35 years in the consumer goods and grocer space Bruce has experienced the industry disruption first hand and understands how artificial intelligence, POS data, and mobile technology can transform a good organization into a great one.

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