Field Sales Apps Without Reporting Only Create More Questions

Here’s something to remember: We’re all in this together. Both CPG companies and retailers are trying to keep or gain, an edge in a market that’s evolving so fast it’s almost impossible to keep up with. The better partnerships you can build, the more you can help each other succeed. And one of the key tools for a solid partnership is a field application with embedded mobile reporting and dashboards that let field teams and retailers collaborate, in the moment, on the best move forward.

Mobile reporting dashboards are user configurable lenses that allow for monitoring multiple key performance indicators (KPIs). They provide access to the functions that generate those KPIs. They can show details regarding the performance of a particular product in different stores, the share of shelf, promotions, pricing, competitor pricing, delivery history and more. In other words, they give both reps and retailers actionable insight around every facet of a product’s performance in-store.

Guided Selling Based on Facts

Today it’s that insight, not promised future performance, that determines a good buying decision on the retailer’s part. Without mobile reporting, both the rep and the retailer are trying to make profitable decisions on stale reports where the information may have changed, or high-level reports in which the birds-eye picture doesn’t really represent the district or particular store. With margins in the retail industry as slim as they are, incremental differences between stores can mean varying purchase decisions. They can mean the difference between a successful promotion and a wasted effort. Every targeted choice based on how customer behavior actually works in that store moves the needle.

Selling with Data Through Smart Dashboards 

With the data from dashboards, reps and retailers use the facts to ascertain which products are likely to do well and under what circumstances. This enables guided selling, helping the retailer incorporate products that will work best at their stores. Guided selling is a collaborative effort to create a better, more profitable experience for the CPG company, the retailer, and the consumer.

If the data shows that one product isn’t selling well, the information available at your fingertips on the mobile reporting dashboard can help identify whether that is the result of a failure to promote it, a problem with availability, a stronger local preference for a competing product or just a lack of demand.

Building Success Through Innovation

Retail has become a precision industry thanks to Data. Relying on mobile dashboards for branching logic, store-specific data, fact-based selling and graphical delivery is the way to build profitable partnerships to direct activities and maximize impact at the individual store level. And make a better experience for everyone in the transaction.

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Bruce is the founder and CEO of RW3 Technologies. Having spent more than 35 years in the consumer goods and grocer space Bruce has experienced the industry disruption first hand and understands how artificial intelligence, POS data, and mobile technology can transform a good organization into a great one.

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