Demand Signal Repository (DSR)

Centralize your data into a single database for your entire organization

Manage Large Data Volume

Align and organize all the big data your organization needs to optimally operate and remove the burden from IT 

Harmonize Data Attributes

Review your Out-Of-Stocks, Phantom Inventory, and On Shelf Availability dashboards in one location & database 

Comprehensive Strategy

Custom reports are structured around your organization’s functions and flow of data to best fit the way your team operates

Unleash the power of your Big Data

Looking to improve your big data strategy and utilize your Retail Link, Nielsen, and POS data sources? A demand signal repository (DSR) data management strategy provides a centralized database that stores, harmonizes and normalizes all your data attributes and organizes large volumes of demand data for your team’s consumption. Eliminate confusion and remove the burden from IT trying to manage all your data across departments.

Demand Forecasting
Inventory Management
Category Management
Sales Enablement
Price & Promotions
New Product Development

Boost your  Strategy Around Analytics

Manage all your data streams with ease and gain visibility across all your channels.

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