CPG Salesforce & Technology Consulting

Looking to launch a new retail execution strategy that optimizes your data investment?

Field Sales Technology

With a variety of retail execution field applications we can help you select what solution, features, and questions you need to achieve your goals

Big Data & Advanced Analytics

Big data is no easy project, RW3 works with your teams across departments to harmonize data and create reports that can be utilized be the entire team

Competitive Pricing Strategy

We understand item pricing strategies and can help you develop your own pricing strategy to stay competitive by reviewing trends and conducting market analysis 

RW3 Delivers CPG Salesforce Consulting Services That Grows Your Brands Impact At Retail

With new opportunities comes new challenges. RW3’s team of directors has over 125 years of experience combined and can help you and your team avoid costly mistakes with our CPG Salesforce Consulting sessions.  With an understanding of data management and KPI’s your team can be rolled out in weeks with a strategic game plan to grow your impact at retail over time.

Identify KPI’s
Create Custom Workflows
Design Audit & Survey Questions
Select Data Sources
Create Custom Reporting
Develop Pricing Strategy

The Partner You’ve Been Looking For

Learn how your team can make an impact at retail and find a solution that fits your budget and needs

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