Competitive Pricing Data Solutions

Multi-layer validated pricing data from the web and in-store

Omni-Pricing Data

We deliver both in-store and online competitive pricing data at an affordable price that fits your budget

Multi Layer Validation

Using a multi-layer validation process we ensure data accuracy and correct any issues before delivering

Reporting & Analytics

Looking for a reporting & analysis tool? RW3’s BI Suite provides the flexibility your data analyst has been searching for

Full Service or Application Only

We offer both a full competitive pricing service and a mobile field application for your team’s in-store collections

Web Pricing

Improve your omni channel strategy and review web pricing from your competitors in key markets

Data Analysis

The BI Suite allows your data analyst to create a variety of reports from gap analysis to price elasticity trends

Rapid Turnaround Time

Data is quickly collected and delivered to your team in just a few days after the final collection date

Variety of PriceChecks

We offer a variety of in-store price collections including Directed Full Book and Family Price checks

Multiple Data Points

Need more than just the lowest price? We can collect a variety of data points including promotion type

Competitive Pricing Data Solutions

Because in the penny business you can’t afford poor data

PriceCheck APPLICATION Competitive Pricing Service