Competitive Data Collection Services

Complete in-store & web collection data delivery service

Category Collections

We conduct a variety of competitive price checks in all accounts

Rapid Data Delivery

Data is delivered on your schedule so your reports are as accurate as possible

Omni Price Capture

RW3 collects location specific web pricing from retailers and grocers

Our Application; Our People; Your Complete Competitive Pricing Data Collection Service

RW3 delivers competitive retail pricing data throughout the US. By using an innovative multi layer validation process we verify pricing in-store. This allows RW3 to provide your data analyst with accurate in-store data without the frustrating outliers that interrupt their analysis.

Accurate Price Audit Collections
Correct Item Distribution
Up-to-Date Data
Web Pricing Data
Alerts, Reports & KPI’s
Live Customer Support

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Frustrated with your current competitive data collection services or want to compare your competitive pricing data with ours? We’d be happy to conduct a pilot check in a market of your choosing for your analysis.

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