Competitive Pricing Data Collection Services

Complete in-store & digital competitive pricing collections for retail grocers

In-Store & Digital Pricing

We deliver both in-store and online competitive pricing data around your ad week at an economical price 

Multi-Layer Validation

By using a multi-layer validation process, we ensure all competitive pricing data is accurate, timely, and complete

Flexible File Format

Limited IT resources? We’ll match the current file deliverable eliminating extra work for IT & avoiding any downtime 

Your One-Stop-Shop For All Things Competitive Pricing

For Retail Grocers & Pricing Teams Looking To Provide Competitive Prices

Full Service Retail Price Audits

We offer a complete competitive pricing service/pricing audits from collection to data delivery

Photo Validation

To ensure accuracy, any price falling outside the acceptable range is captured via photo and verified

Multiple Price Points

Using the PriceCheck app our field reps can capture three price points for your price optimization needs

Rapid Turnaround Time

Due to our instore validation process, we can quickly deliver most pricing collections within 24 – 72  hours

Private Label Matching

Want to do more with your private label pricing data? With our private label matching application now you can

Industry Status Updates

Interested in what’s happening across the industry? Get access to exclusive pricing insight webinars

Accurate Retail Price Audits

Because in a penny business you can’t afford poor data

Retail Price Audits PriceCheck APPLICATION

Ready to see just how accurate competitive pricing data can be?