Future of Retail


New Generation Brings Company into the Digital Age

For 40 years, Doug Tinney had built Alliance Sales and Marketing through relationships with suppliers and hundreds of retailers in his area around Birmingham, Alabama. He had added some technology along the way, but he was old-school, handling things with a mix of paper and early generation software that had long served both his business and his customers. When he

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The Amazon Effect and Industry 4.0: Where Should Retailers Focus?

The Amazon Effect and Industry 4.0: Where Should Retailers Focus? Being a retailer these days, especially in the grocery business, is like being under seige and not knowing where the next assault is coming from. Do you focus on changes in supply chain brought about by trade wars and Industry 4.0? Do you create a new store concept to cement

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Three Myths About Retail Execution in an Omnichannel World

These Beliefs Persist, Despite the Data:  Out-of-Stocks Aren’t a Problem Today  For some reason, brands think that out-of-stocks are a problem of the past. Maybe they trust inventory control tech to make sure it never happens. Whatever the reason, out-of-stocks are even a bigger risk in the omnichannel world. With online purchasing, click-and-collect, and delivery companies like Instacart and Shipt, competing with traditional in-store shoppers, there are

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What does Behavioral Economics & Pricing Have in Common?

Using Behavioral Economics To Optimize Pricing In Grocery Here’s how we make purchasing decisions: We decide to buy something in the blink of an eye, triggered by the emotion centers of our brain. We then spend however long it takes to justify that decision using logic. If you buy a $2 million Bugatti and you have five kids and a

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The Psychology Behind The Physical Subscriptions Phenomenon

The Psychology Behind Why We Love Physical Subscriptions Consumers love the unexpected even if they are expecting it! Take the latest trend with subscription services (Dollar Shave Club, Stitch Fix, Milk), all these items are things shoppers can go out and buy on their own but instead, they elected to join an elite list of consumers that receive their package on a

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Coopetition: A New Strategy To Ignite Innovation

Coopetition: A New Strategy To Ignite CPG Innovation The tried-and-true model CPG companies and grocers have been operating with needs to be modernized. That is, the competition model of fighting for the same space with fairly similar products, guarding statistical analysis data, protecting secrets—some of them legitimate trade secrets, some not so much. Small and large innovators including Amazon is

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What Is Order-To-Shelf Technology?

What Is Order-To-Shelf Technology? In the world of supply chain innovation, Order To Shelf Technology is the next big thing. In 2016 Whole Foods and Target both switched over to this ordering process and have seen significant results (some good and bad). Now when store employees put in an order they provide a precise count of products needed for replenishment instead of a

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Client Success: Solving Phantom Inventory Issues Through POS Data

Client Success: Solving Phantom Inventory Issues Through POS Data Phantom Inventory has always plagued the CPG industry and previously it was just too complex to address. However, now with POS data and reporting algorithms readily available reps are quickly and economically correcting  Phantom Inventory and boosting On-Shelf Availability (OSA). Below is a client success story highlighting their use of POS

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Can Robots Help Reduce On-Shelf Availability Concerns

Can Robots Help Reduce On-Shelf Availability Concerns It slides along the grocery store aisles, registering out-of-stocks, low stocks, price errors and misplaced items and goes by the name Tally. Tally the invention of Simbe Robotics, does the work that seems too boring, too repetitive, and too menial for humans to do, and too expensive for retailers to pay for. It

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Why Grocers LOVE Fact Selling Presentations From Their CPG Partners

Why Grocers LOVE Fact Selling Presentations From Their CPG Partners There’s almost nothing more frustrating for a grocer than an unproductive meeting with a supplier.  To avoid being a nuisance here are three fact selling tips every CPG supplier should follow. 1) Stop Pushing and Start Listening  You’ve got 10 amazing products but your retailer only has time for the top

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