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How CPG Brands Can Find Opportunity Amid The Crisis

How CPG Brands Can Find Opportunity Amid The Crisis Here’s a pro tip for keeping your sanity during the lockdown: Oreos help. At least, that is what a lot of people seem to think. Mondelez, the parent company that owns Oreo and more than a dozen other household brands, reported a 9% increase in the related “biscuits” category during a

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How to Improve ROI on Your Broker Investment

Asking a fox to guard your henhouse without any oversight probably isn’t a great idea, especially if the fox gets to define what success looks like. And yet, this is effectively what CPG companies do when they set general GTM strategies and then hire brokers to handle the execution process as well as the data analysis and reporting.


How CPG Companies Can Stay Ahead of the COVID-19 Curve

CPG companies must look ahead and continue to prepare for what’s coming next. Not only regarding the continuation of the crisis but for what happens after when supply chains normalize.


How COVID 19 is Impacting OSA And What CPG Suppliers Can Do About It

To keep up with COVID 19 driven demand, you must have the ability to track OSA in real-time, and the processes to respond when problems are identified.


How to Build an Effective KPI Dashboard That Drives Results

You need visibility into the right information at the right time to make informed decisions. Building a dashboard that can integrate with all of your systems in real-time and track KPIs is one of the best ways to do this.


Five Big CPG and Retail Trends for 2020

Five Big CPG and Retail Trends for 2020 If you think 2019 was an interesting and overwhelming year for CPG and retail, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The predicted trends for 2020 are far reaching, high tech, ambitious, and very diverse. Brands will have to really focus on their customers’ experience to know where to invest, because from here out

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Black Friday is Changing. Brands Should Change with It

Black Friday is Changing. Brands Should Change with It Black Friday is morphing. In 2019, customers dropped a lot of money over the Thanksgiving weekend: $7.4 billion on Black Friday; $9.2 billion for Cyber Monday. Both record numbers that would indicate the sales weekend hasn’t lost its appeal. But the way both retailers and shoppers approach the event changes pretty

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Competing With Small CPG Brands

Competing with small CPG brands Smaller companies continue to grow their share of the CPG market. More than $17 billion in sales has shifted to startups since 2013, and 90 percent of CPG e-commerce growth is attributed to startups. Huge social shifts drive this, and they’re likely to continue. More and more companies are using personalization to digitally reach out

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The CPG Industry Is Moving to Sustainable Packaging

The CPG Industry Is Moving to Sustainable Packaging October 1, 2019, was the deadline for CPG companies to comply with Amazon’s new Frustration Free Packaging guidelines. These require products of a certain size to be shipped in their own 100 percent recyclable packages, eliminating the need for extra Amazon packaging. This is only the latest in a host of big

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CPG Industry Provides 1-in-10 Jobs

CPG Industry provides 1-in-10 jobs. When people think about the jobs that keep America working, they think in terms of technology, transportation, service industries, media, and entertainment. They may not realize that the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry provides more than 10 percent of U.S. jobs, including the largest manufacturing segment. A recent report by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, in conjunction

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