Competitive Pricing


The 2016 CGA Strategic Conference & Competitive Pricing

The 2016 CGA Strategic Conference If you’re involved in the California Grocery Industry, I’m sure we’ll be seeing you at this year’s 2016 CGA Strategic Conference. For those who have not yet attended, the CGA Strategic Conference brings together grocers and their suppliers from all over California for three thought-provoking days of sessions and networking. We’ll be talking about emerging

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Aloha, WAFC Convention!

RW3 is heading to Hawaii for the 95th Annual Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC) Convention! The WAFC Convention is a highly anticipated industry event as it brings together top executives from all sectors of the food industry and in just a few day’s helps advance the industry through education and leadership. We are looking forward to hearing the insights

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Understanding Today’s Shopper

Consumers today shop without planning and eat without shopping. Understanding today’s shopper is crucial to an effective and successful retail execution strategy. FMI just concluded a study to identify who exactly is today’s grocery shopper. Using FMI’s annual surveys, a mix of qualitative approaches, and online journalism FMI started to crunch the numbers. We found that some of the trends

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The ABCs of A Pricing Strategy

The ABCs of A Pricing Strategy Have you noticed the pricing patterns and trends of your favorite brand items? When examining the pricing of a SKU, it’s no coincidence. There is a psychology behind pricing, strategies that entice a shopper to make a purchase and complete the sale. Numbers are manipulated to make you buy-what is a more enticing price, for example, $3.93, $4.03, or

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How Pricing Defines Your Brands

Whether you’re a baby boomer, generation x or a millennial, there are so many influencers weighing upon a shopper. Pricing is a huge influencer, especially on the millennial shopper ($200 billion + in sales), who is an especially price sensitive, tech-savvy and “smart” shopper. Baby Boomers ($230 billion + in sales), are known to have strong brand loyalty- but will

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Pricing for the New Customer – Competitive Pricing Data

Pricing for the New Customer – Competitive Pricing Data Customers use price comparison websites and apps every day, to compare products and prices across stores and channels, to get the best value. Retail organizations have used similar solutions too, to gather pricing data from competitors and integrate it into their own pricing strategies. Now, technology is allowing retailers the ability

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