Competitive Pricing And The New Normal

Some things are normalizing, but that doesn’t mean everything will be the same as before. Moving forward, stores will need to rethink their competitive pricing strategies.


How CPG Companies Can Stay Ahead of the COVID-19 Curve

CPG companies must look ahead and continue to prepare for what’s coming next. Not only regarding the continuation of the crisis but for what happens after when supply chains normalize.


Current Impact of COVID-19 on the Grocery Industry

What effect is the pandemic having on grocery chains and CPG companies, and where will things go from here? This post covers The Good, The Bad, and The Unknowable factors that will impact the industry.


How to Build an Effective KPI Dashboard That Drives Results

You need visibility into the right information at the right time to make informed decisions. Building a dashboard that can integrate with all of your systems in real-time and track KPIs is one of the best ways to do this.


Preparing for Coronavirus in grocery retailing’s ecosystem

Preparing for Coronavirus in grocery retailing’s ecosystem No one knows how bad the Coronavirus could get or how much it could disrupt stores, manufacturing operations, or supply chains. What we do know is the industry needs to be prepared for the worst to keep the damage to a minimum. RW3 has compiled some information and suggestions from industry experts to

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Online Grocery Shopping and OSA – The New Reality

Online Grocery Shopping and OSA – The New Reality Trends in Online Grocery Shopping These days it is hard to beat the convenience of online shopping. There are endless options to browse, you place an order, and a box arrives on your doorstep a day later. It should come as no surprise that eCommerce increased to 12% of all retail

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Competing With Small CPG Brands

Competing with small CPG brands Smaller companies continue to grow their share of the CPG market. More than $17 billion in sales has shifted to startups since 2013, and 90 percent of CPG e-commerce growth is attributed to startups. Huge social shifts drive this, and they’re likely to continue. More and more companies are using personalization to digitally reach out

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An Inside Look at 6 Intriguing Startups From GroceryShop 2019

Are these 6 startups destined to shape the future of the CPG / retail industry, or are they just passing trends? Check out this post to learn more.


The CPG Industry Is Moving to Sustainable Packaging

The CPG Industry Is Moving to Sustainable Packaging October 1, 2019, was the deadline for CPG companies to comply with Amazon’s new Frustration Free Packaging guidelines. These require products of a certain size to be shipped in their own 100 percent recyclable packages, eliminating the need for extra Amazon packaging. This is only the latest in a host of big

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How Retailers Can Respond to the Amazon Effect

How Retailers Can Respond to the Amazon Effect The “Amazon Effect” is the term for the reality that, these days, every retailer must respond to Amazon’s constant innovation and digital-first approach in order to compete. One thing Amazon does that traditional retailers rarely do is it “creates” the future. It does not wait to see what will catch on and

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