RW3 Implements Mobile Capabilities for Kimberly-Clark

Austin, Texas – June 4, 2013 – RW3 Technologies recently contracted with Kimberly-Clark (KCC) to help optimize their trade promotion investment. Because consumers worldwide choose KCC products, RW3 is providing state-of-the-art mobile technology solutions that enable KCC’s brands to remain front and center on the shelf. RW3 approached KCC with an initiative to optimize KCC’s investment by measuring retail compliance

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Consumer Demand Drives Collaboration

Consumer Demand Drives Collaboration Retailers and CPG companies can both agree that consumer satisfaction must be their number one priority. However, according to an article published by Marketing Daily nearly 1/3 of consumers feel their brands habitually let them down. It’s up to sales teams and their retail partners to improve the shopper experience. With the explosion of big data

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