BI Reporting & Visual Analytics

Integrate field data with the rest of your data sources

Lead with Analytics

Up-to-date analytics provide rich insights that allow you to keep your competitive advantage at retail

Control the Chaos

Utilize and manage a variety of data streams including POS, Retail Link, Trade Dimensions and other sources 

Empower the User

Give your data analyst the tools to create reports and custom dashboards that will make the biggest impact

Advanced Analytics

Utilize a variety of charts and views to depict the retail landscape and create your own ad hoc reports

Automated Decisions

Increase the speed of your decisions and feel confident in your reporting dashboard and KPI’s

Device Agnostic

Access reports on any device and view them inside the office or out on the road as long as you have connectivity

Big Data Management

Utilize POS, syndicated, and other data sources within your reports to make the best decision possible

Single Data Repository

Store your data in one harmonized data repository making it easy to utilize reports within your organization

Affordable Dashboards

Minimize IT’s time around reporting and relocate their efforts on a variety of backlogged projects

Innovative BI Analytics Solutions

Our solutions provide data in a new light that allows for improved partnerships

The BI Suite

Ready to learn how the BI Suite can fit into your retail execution strategy?