Integrating POS Data into a Mobile Retail Execution Strategy

We’ve all seen the power of POS and syndicated data in the CPG industry. But, for some reason, when companies try to implement data solutions into their mobile sales force strategy, the ROI begins to dwindle and the obstacles seem to multiply. Innovations in data warehouses and mobile technology, however, have transformed what was once a dismal undertaking into an exciting opportunity.

This past year King’s Hawaiian realigned their retail execution strategy, utilizing a direct sales force and broker, and have achieved double digit growth over the previous year. In the November issue of Consumer Goods Technology you can read how King’s has achieved a significant ROI by integrating data into a rep’s workflow, as well as developing a clear channel of communication in the field.

King’s Hawaiian West Region Operations Manager Robert Diaz says, “Improved communication throughout our organization and third party was a big win.” It allowed his team to minimize out-of-stocks during peak times and allowed consumers to get the king’s products when they need it.

Hawaiian gains came from gleaning insights from cross-functional departments, such as marketing, to establish what type of data was needed to predict a given item’s success. Sharing those findings, both internally and externally, began to bridge the gap between the third-party brokers and sales. Moving forward, data integration and utilization, combined with the brokers’ participation, will allow the brokers to quickly respond to audits, ensuring a greater return and improving retail conditions.

Data integration, whether POS or syndicated, is becoming increasingly important for improving a rep’s field productivity and ROI. As more retailers begin to make their POS data available, the opportunities will continue to grow.

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Bruce is the founder and CEO of RW3 Technologies. Having spent more than 35 years in the consumer goods and grocer space Bruce has experienced the industry disruption first hand and understands how artificial intelligence, POS data, and mobile technology can transform a good organization into a great one.

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