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Introducing RW3 Smart Link Portal – Powered by AI

We’re thrilled to announce RW3 SmartLinker, a modern web app powered by AI and Machine Learning designed to help retailers and CPG orgs win the pricing strategy game.


Inflation: Passing Fad Or Pending Crisis?

Inflation: Passing Fad Or Pending Crisis? The economy is cruising full-sail into unprecedented waters, and there are storm clouds on the horizon. Unless you’ve had your head in the sand for the last few months, you’ve almost certainly heard people talking about inflation. And for a good reason. Prices are rising rapidly in many categories, and only time will tell

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The Rise of Private Brands

The Rise of Private Brands Not long ago, store brands were synonymous with low-quality knockoffs. After all, Great Value lunch meat didn’t exactly inspire confidence. But things have been changing. Retailers such as Albertsons, Costo, Kroger, and Target have invested significant resources in improving their product quality and packaging, and the move is paying off. Consumer perception of private labels

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Micro-Fulfillment Centers, Robotics, and the Brave New World of Retail

Micro-fulfillment centers may provide a clear pathway for traditional retailers to stay competitive. Especially when it comes to curbside pickup.


Three Trends in Competitive Pricing From Top Grocery Retailers

Traditional pricing strategies aren’t enough to stay competitive anymore. That is why top retailers are modernizing their approach to gain an edge.


For CPG Brands Not Everything Should Return to Normal

The pandemic stretched supply chains to the breaking point, and this forced some long-overdue improvements that we shouldn’t take for granted in our rush to forget 2020. Brands that focus on maintaining their hard-won advantages will be in a strong position moving forward.


Three Ways to Enhance Category Insights – Improving Retail Execution in 2021

Whether you are looking to maintain your advantage in the new year or are working overtime to make up lost ground, here are three tips to help you to enhance your category insights strategy and improve your retail execution throughout 2021:


COVID Strikes Back – What’s Coming Next?

COVID Strikes Back – What’s Coming Next? You know that feeling you get when you’ve been on too many roller coaster rides in one day? If you’ve been following the news for the last few weeks, there’s a good chance you feel that way right now. But let’s take a step back, and dissect what the latest events mean for

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How COVID-19 is Shaping the Future of E-commerce

The pandemic has radically altered consumer behavior, advancing e-Commerce adoption by at least five years. The question is, are the changes permanent, and is your organization ready?


How CPG Brands Can Find Opportunity Amid The Crisis

How CPG Brands Can Find Opportunity Amid The Crisis Here’s a pro tip for keeping your sanity during the lockdown: Oreos help. At least, that is what a lot of people seem to think. Mondelez, the parent company that owns Oreo and more than a dozen other household brands, reported a 9% increase in the related “biscuits” category during a

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