All-Clad Sales Heat Up with RW3 DSR

All-Clad Sales Heat Up with RW3 DSR

Established in 1971, All-Clad Metalcrafters LLC began producing professional-quality bonded cookware for working chefs and gourmet home cooks. The brand slowly emerged as early adopters in the professional community realized the extraordinary qualities, striking aesthetics and exemplary cooking performance of this revolutionary bonded cookware.

At All-Clad, exemplary performance is paramount and quality is never compromised; two fundamental edicts that drive both the superior craftsmanship of their bonded cookware products and the way All-Clad’s sales organization implements its business practices.

All-Clad is working with RW3 to get a better picture of consumer demand of its products using RW3  DSR and Reporting and Analytics.

Business Challenge: All-Clad needed a way to measure exactly how their products were selling through to consumers across all their retailers. They lacked a centralized platform to use retailer POS effectively. And they lacked a system to combine the disjointed and disparate, downstream data from their retailers. Finally, they needed to normalize all data streams and put retailer data into context against their key performance indicator (KPI) targets.

Existing reports required a frustrating and very labor intensive process to populate and integrate data into something meaningful. All-Clad also wanted an improved forecasting and planning process to ensure they had the right mix of inventory available in the right stores at the right time.

And, they wanted better visibility of ‘A’ items, new items and sales promotion effectiveness, as well as fact-based intelligence to measure and compare current and past sales results.

Solutions: The initial step toward turning All-Clad’s sales challenges into opportunities involved close collaboration between the All-Clad and RW3 teams to develop a clear business workflow blueprint. This blueprint identified key shopper-demand metrics to measure by product line, defining what information they needed to respond to opportunities, close performance gaps with retailers and make more informed decisions on behalf of themselves and their retail partners.

Once the blueprint was completed, RW3 developed an All-Clad demand signal repository (DSR) with an open architecture framework and flexible SQL database that can grow with All-Clad’s expanding needs. The RW3 DSR created a central location and the means to automate the integration, cleansing, and synchronization of POS data streams made available weekly to All-Clad from their largest retailers.

Next, RW3 designed specialized analytic dashboards for different users within the All-Clad sales organization. The reports generated from the dashboards are refreshed automatically from the DSR platform. And because the RW3 DSR format was built for quick and easy retrieval of demand intelligence, the intuitive dashboard interface allows All–Clad demand account analysts and category managers to easily manipulate the data for on-the-spot comparative, causal or predictive business queries. Ad hoc reporting capabilities allow All-Clad users to create completely customized presentations to share with their key retailers.

RW3 integrated new item and sales event data where the items and dates around those events are loaded into the All-Clad DSR. This allows RW3’s Reporting and Analytics team to create reports to measure the lift in sales during those times—a critical metric to track and compare sales promotion effectiveness.

Results: In five short months, RW3 built and implemented the All-Clad DSR and reporting-analytic solutions. All-Clad instantly increased their sales team productivity by eliminating costly manual retailer data integration. They are, in turn, freed up to focus on more value-generation activities like effective promotion planning. They are also gaining key insights into what inventory utilization is and how retailers are applying their open-to-buy dollars.

All-Clad also gains fact-based intelligence with an accurate and more holistic view of consumer demand across all retailers. This allows them to better forecast, manage and track inventory, improve product placement and determine the best mix of ‘A’ items in each store. The DSR also allows them to track and measure new item rollouts.

With RW3 reports and analytic capabilities, All-Clad is raising communications with their retailers to a much higher level. They are able to share timely and pertinent details that identify opportunities and close gaps in performance and/or compliance. The result is more open, collaborative and profitable retailer working relationships.

About RW3

RW3 enables Consumer Goods organizations by helping optimize sales channel productivity; ultimately increasing speed-to-shelf, expanding market share and maximizing ROI. We deliver account and retail mobile solutions as well as full DSR platforms that integrate multiple streams of POS and syndicated data.  Contact RW3 at or 800-444-5793.

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Seth Nagle, Senior Marketing Manager at RW3 Technologies understands the power of innovation but also its limitations. Attending Salve Regina in New England, starting his career in Silicon Valley, and now living in Austin, Texas; Seth provides a unique tech perspective to a complex CPG and Retail Grocery Industry that is in constant disruption.

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