The PriceCheck Application

Collect in-store pricing the most efficient way possible


All data is stored on our secure server, with additional security options available to transfer data securely


Streamline your data collection by the category, store or specific SKU items to get accurate retail pricing


Complete your marketing mix and use validated data to compete in any market against any competitor


Keep track of scan rates and item counts with live reporting of your team’s progress in the field

Competitive pricing application for data collection

The complete competitive pricing offering from collection to delivery

Client Success Stories
The PriceCheck Application does more than just collect data, it empowers your competitive pricing strategy
Our internal PriceCheck team uses this application as we continue to build out the capabilities

Instant Validation

With a focus on accuracy the PriceCheck application utilizes a multi layer validation process that ensures the right items and prices are being collected  every time

Multiple Fields

Collect a variety of data points around an item and organize them within your reports to create an accurate item history and analysis from price elasticity to gap trends

Photo Capture

With new prices and items being introduced weekly field reps can capture photos within the application to validate the correct price has been captured

Directed Lists

With a structured back-end users can conduct directed price checks that guide them from aisle to aisle ensuring every item is searched for and every possible price is captured

Want to see the application in action?

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